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DOMAINE & maison Aegerter

Winegrower and winemaker, the Domaine Aegerter is at the head of 14ha across Burgundy.

Aegerter Wine Domain & Production House

Jean-Luc Aegerter and Paul Aegerter

The Aegerters, a father and son team, are creators and developers. They did not inherit an estate; they built it together, each contributing his own knowledge and aspirations.

United by the same passion for nature in general and vines in particular, Jean-Luc the pioneer and Paul the visionary freely chose this profession.

They began a shared story, developed their knowledge and allowed their ideas to mature. Paul, now the sole head of the family company, is continuing this family adventure and starting a new chapter: one about a flourishing business.

Aegerter Wine Domain & Production House

30 years of creation in a bottle

The Maison Aegerter, located in Nuit-Saint-Georges, Côte-d’Or, is thriving in a region known for both its traditions and its innovations.

The Aegerters believe that nature cannot be hurried. It must be listened to and pampered. All the vintages, from the most accessible to the most exceptional, have one thing in common: they are the outcome of a resolutely modern vision and dynamic. The best of Burgundy’s terroirs is well worth it. These passionate people are daring enough to leave the beaten track and offer all consumers, beginners and experts alike, carefully picked selections, new blends and different bottles.

This is a production and trading company whose hallmark is creativity. This characteristic, passed on down the generations, is in the Aergerter DNA. Like father, like son.

The Chromatiques range is also available for the Aligoté, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Aegerter Wine Domain & Production House

Our Values

Respect for the vine and its environment thanks to demanding specifications.

Boldness to prevail in this Burgundy elitist landscape while keeping our AA'ttitude!

Balance and finesse of our wines that are the mirror of our climates of Burgundy.

Affection for traditions and Attraction towards innovation mix in our wines and transport you to Burgundy.